Downloadable Details

Details are available for download in Adobe PDF and DWG formats.

TC-1A Typical Intermediate Interlocking Channel (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-2 Butt Joint Detail (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-3 Wide Interlocking Joint Channel (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-5 Horizontal Reveal Section (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-6 Interlocking Channel Soffit Section (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-7 Interlocking Channel System at Base (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-8 Typical Window Sill Details (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-9 Typical Window Head Details (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-10 Typical Coping Detail (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-11 Stone Panel Cornice (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-15 Glazed-in Panel in 1" Pocket (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-16 Interior Adhesive Attachment over Gypsum Wallboard (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-17 Interior Structural Silicone Attachment over Steel Stud Framing/Furring (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-18 Adhesive Attach over Existing Surface (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-19 Stone Panel Return at Recessed Soffit (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-20 Z-clip Attachment to Elevator Cab Wall / Interiors (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-40 Edge Conditions (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-41 Typical Corner Details (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-42 Typical Attachment Details (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-50 Typical Installation between Window Detail (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-51 Typical Spandrel Panel Attachment (PDF  |  DWG)
TC-70 Split Tail Attachment (PDF  |  DWG)