As a reinforced stone panel, TerraCORE builds on a stone’s authentic, natural beauty while eliminating its fragile, brittle properties. TerraCORE panels can be fabricated to appear as thick, heavy, dimensional stone cladding, cornices or columns and are often installed in lobbies, elevators, floors, as counter tops and shower enclosures. The panels, likewise, can be used as wainscoting, transitional pieces, cantilevers, ceilings, or feature walls and can even be backlit to create a translucent look. This impact resistant lightweight stone is easy to handle and does not require heavy lifting equipment. Large size panels provide design flexibility and offer easy installation.

TerraCORE panels can be installed using simple carpentry tools and can be field cut with a dry-cut portable saw equipped with a diamond tip blade. Eliminating the need for specialized labor, the panels can be installed in an occupied building with minimal disturbance to the occupants and installed very quickly by trades already working on the project.

TerraCORE has partnered with Laticrete™. As per Laticrete’s testing, TerraCORE panels can be installed up to 50’-0” directly over fractured rib concrete, CMU (concrete masonry unit) or brick without any additional framing.

Whether you choose the warm tones of a honed Limestone or the reflective nature of polished Granite, you can create a dramatic statement in any lobby, elevator, atrium, countertop or feature wall.

When using TerraCORE panels for a renovation, over-cladding is usually the most cost effective solution. Covering existing walls saves on the expense of removing and disposing the existing cladding while offering minimal disturbance to daytime occupants. Renovation can be done after hours without any disturbance to building occupants. The panels can be loaded into service elevators and transported to any floor. Since the natural stone finish will upgrade the property image, TerraCORE panels provide an immediate ROI (return on investment) for commercial owners by increasing building occupancy, ensuring higher rent rates and providing greater tenant satisfaction.